A Match Made in Heaven?

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2 February 2014

By Bronwen

Literary genius, J.K Rowling has revealed in an interview for Wonderland that she wasn’t so sure Ron and Hermione are meant to be. Obviously, this has sparked either sorrow or extreme agreement in the Potterhead community.

Despite the fact that their relationship is magnificently portrayed by Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, the couple was always doubted, especially when regarding the books. It always appeared that Harry and Hermione would get together, and Ron and Hermione would stay witty rivals, but the fandom was forced to accept the couple.

But now, even the creator of Harry Potter resents the pairing, as does Emma Watson, who was interviewing Rowling at the time. She agreed with the author wholly.

Rowling claims she made the decision for “personal reasons” and hopes she isn’t breaking anyone’s hearts…

When looking on Facebook and Tumblr, it would appear that the majority of people’s hearts are not broken, but are in fact very relieved, that there is a united dislike of Ron and Hermione’s relationship.

It seems no spell or potion can fix this one…



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