A Neck too Far?

4 February 2014

By Yasmine

19 year old Jonny Byrne and Ross Cummins 22 have been found dead after the drinking game ‘NekNominate’ sweeps the country!

If nominated by those having already taken part, players have to ‘neck’ a pint of alcohol alcohol in the most bizarre way possible, with each player trying to outdo the last. The craze has obviously gotten out of hand having claimed the lives of two young men from Ireland.

Ross Cummins was found unconscious in his home in Dublin and later died in hospital this past weekend with hospital reports showing he had been drinking spirits at the time of his death. Hours later the body of Jonny Byrne was discovered floating in the river at Milford Bridge in County Carlow, after he allegedly jumped in as part of his ‘nomination.’

Johnny’s Father, Joe Byrne, has released an urgent message saying “I’m pleading to every youngster to think of the things they are doing. It has cost our son his life and our lives will never be the same again.”

Ashley Abernethie,  DY/Producer based in Plymouth posted a video on Facebook saying thank you for the nomination but admitted it has gotten a bit out of hand and he has witnessed people ‘neck’ their own urine as part of their nomination and went on to say he would have to do something that would hurt him to get likes. He went on to neck his coffee and headed to work… top bloke. 46,091 people have liked his video so far.



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