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21 April 2015

By NEBeep

The amount of teacher’s facing abuse online has increased by a huge margin. The amount of comments and remarks made on line about teachers using sexist comments, racism and homophobic remarks has gone from 21% to 60% it was recently announced.




60% of 1,500 teachers questioned in a poll said they had faced abuse of some sort, whether it was a comment or even a picture or video that a pupil had taken without consent, with a lot of the posts coming with some sort of insult which encouraged other pupils to participate in the comments. Some of the comments even went to the extreme of wishing cancer on one member of staff and harassed her for up to  nine months, even when she was heavily pregnant.

48% of the remarks were from pupils, 40% of the posts were put on social media sites by parents, 12% were both by pupils and parents. Of the comments made over half were made by those aged between 14-16 (58%), 38% were aged between 11 and 14, a fifth were ages 16-19 and 5% were even younger, from 7 – 11.


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