Advice: Alcohol

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13 January 2015

By Lauren H

It’s important to remember that although alcohol is legal, it is still a drug and can easily damage your body if you aren’t careful about your consumption levels. It is also illegal to buy alcohol if you are under 18, and suggested that you don’t drink it until you are at least 15.

Most people consume alcohol in social situations, as they feel it gives them more confidence and helps them to enjoy themself more. Despite this, it does have some negative effects. It tends to slow your body down, meaning that your reaction speed decreases and you are more likely to become involved in difficult situations. You will also be more vulnerable and, again, this may lead to an unanticipated situation, in which someone may try to take advantage of you. There is also a chance of becoming addicted if you regularly drink large amounts of alcohol, and so you should try to prevent this at all costs.

If you think that you are drinking too much then you can take steps to minimise the amount. By simply admitting that you have a problem you are taking the first step. You may want to visit your doctor or look online for advice from people who have experienced similar difficulties – talking to someone about it may relieve some worry or anxiety that you have. Remember, it takes time and it won’t be easy but if you want to do it then you will succeed.

Some useful websites to take a look at for advice are drinkaware.co.uk and talktofrank.com.

You can do it if you just put your mind to it. Good luck!

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