Advice: Being Confident

Being confident can have a huge influence on your everyday life, making you feel happier and more able to communicate with others. If you have a lack of self-esteem, this can have a negative effect, causing you to feel anxious and even put yourself down frequently. It may not seem like something that can be changed, but if you are willing to try then it can be achieved.

Having self confidence is something that comes from within, meaning that you can feel more confident by reminding yourself how important you are as an individual. Try to look at yourself in a different way, and pick out at least one thing you really like about yourself. Whether it’s how you look, your personality or something you enjoy doing – decide on something and don’t forget it. This is what makes you special, and other people will notice it too. Soon you will begin to realise that there are other things about yourself to like too, and you’re on your way.

Making slight changes to your lifestyle can also make you feel more confident. By eating healthy, doing regular exercise and having enough sleep you will have more energy and naturally feel better. For more advice on keeping healthy, click here.

Do something that you really enjoy. You may want to take up a new hobby, and see if you like doing something new and interesting. Who knows, you might be a natural at it and learn to do something great. You could meet new people and gain confidence this way. You may as well see what happens.

Although you may not always feel like you have confidence, you can always act as if you do. Try to hold your head up high and remember that other people probably feel just as self-conscious as you. Try to speak to new people and do things that seem a little bit scary at first – chances are, it won’t be as bad as it seems. And, if you act this way for long enough then you may even begin to feel it for real.

Remember, it’s natural to lack confidence at times but it isn’t impossible to go back to feeling better about yourself. Just give it time and patience and soon you will be at your best.