Advice: Dealing with Family Arguments

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16 December 2014

By Lauren H

Living with members of your family can be difficult at times, especially when you’re together so often. Every family is different and you will get on with each other in different ways, but there are likely to be times when you argue, no matter how close you are. If you’re not sure how to deal with it and it’s upsetting you then hopefully these tips will be able to make things a bit easier for you all.

If things get a bit heated and you start arguing with your parents, or another family member, then think for a minute about what you’re actually arguing about. Is it really worth arguing over, or could you try to discuss it instead? Try to speak calmly to them first, and listen to what they have to say. This way, they should be able to listen to you too and you can try to resolve the situation in the easiest way possible.

Remember that they will probably be feeling just as anxious and upset about the argument as you are. So, don’t just lash out on them because you think you’re right – they have feelings too. If they don’t act in the same way back then show them how you feel – honesty is the best policy!

If you’re still finding it difficult to be open with your family and get your point across in a kind, calm manner then there are always people you can talk to. Try talking to other family members or friends, who are likely to know what they’re like and may be able to give you specific advice. Or, there are plenty of tips online. ChildLine always have someone available to talk to when you’re feeling down, or there are plenty of websites that can give you some more tips. Good luck!


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