Advice: Depression

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21 January 2015

By Lauren H

Depression is an illness, which can be diagnosed by a doctor, rather than something that you think you may be feeling when you’ve had a bay day or two. Many older people may believe that teenagers can’t have depression as they haven’t been through enough, but this isn’t the case. Anyone can have depression, as the cause is dependent on the individual.

The symptoms of depression vary from person to person, but there are some signals that may suggest that you do have it, if they are prolonged over a long period of time. In particular, you are likely to be feeling sad for the majority of time, along with feelings of tiredness and either excessive hunger or not wanting to eat at all. From this, you may feel worthless and lonely, and could even be having suicidal thoughts.

In order to prevent yourself from feeling down as frequently, the first step you have to take is seeking help – so, if you have intentionally searched for advice on depression and found this then well done for doing that! It could also help you to speak to other people about how you’re feeling. If you are worried about having depression then see a doctor – it can be a daunting prospect but they will be able to give you professional advice that could help you a great deal, and even be able to give you medication. Although you may feel as though you can’t speak to certain people about this, such as close family members or friends, there will always be someone who you can go to. You may even find out that someone else is feeling just as down as you and is too scared to reach out for help too.

Remember, there is always plenty of advice out there as depression is something that is faced every day by people all over the world, of all different ages and personalities. You are not alone. You can find out some more information from websites such as ChildLine, NHS and YoungMinds.

Good luck!

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