Advice: Helping A Friend In Need

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3 February 2015

By Lauren H

If you have noticed that a friend is feeling down or acting differently, and you are worried about them, then there are always steps you can take to try to help them.

Talking to them about what you’ve noticed is likely to make them feel as though they can open up to you, and may make them feel relieved about taking the initial step. Although, they may struggle to talk about how they’re feeling straight away and you shouldn’t get upset or annoyed at this – sometimes people just don’t feel like talking or it could be a sensitive topic, so give them time.

If they don’t feel comfortable talking to you about it then make sure that they know there are others who are willing to help them just as much. You could suggest that they speak to a teacher, a close member of the family or just anyone that they trust.

However, if you are seriously worried about someone and know that they are unwilling to seek the help that they desperately need then you may need to do this for them. It may seem as though you are doing something that they would be unhappy with, but if it is for their own benefit then it is vital that you take this step yourself.

Remind them that they aren’t alone and there is plenty that can be done to help, no matter who they talk to. Most importantly, just do your best to be their friend when they need it the most.

Good luck!

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