Advice: Post-16 Choices

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4 November 2014

By Lauren H

If you’ve decided to read this article then you’re probably in the midst of revising for your GCSEs and in a bit of a panic as to what to do once the year is over. Well, worry no more.

There are so many different opportunities available to you post-16, including studying A-levels, going to college and doing an apprenticeship. Everyone suits different things, so don’t completely base your decision on what others have experienced, although it may help to ask. More importantly, don’t choose to do something just because your friends are – as you get older you will be forced to become much more independent, so you may as well start now and not let it affect your future negatively.

You need to ask yourself what skills and qualifications you already have, and what you have done well in previously. Once you know this, focus on the subjects or areas you like the most, as you are more likely to do well if you are pursuing something that you actually enjoy. Then, imagine where you want to see yourself in years to come – do you want to go to University, be in full time work or something else?  From this, you can then plan what you will need to do to get there. Make sure you choose to do something that is enjoyable, will take you to where you want to be in the future and is achievable. Research these option furthers and soon you will be on your way to making a final decision.

Remember, even if you change your mind once you’ve started your course there’s always an option to change, as long as you put in the hard work. So, ensure that you make an informed decision but don’t worry too much.

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