Advice: Staying Healthy

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25 November 2014

By Lauren H

Sometimes life can get just a bit in the way, and you often get used to being busy, making it difficult to maintain a healthy diet whilst staying fit. Although, this isn’t an excuse to never stop eating and lazing about on the sofa at every free moment! There are ways to get your body back on track, and you will be sure to feel better about yourself once you do.

Remember, if you want to make this change in your life then you have to be doing it for the right reasons – to benefit your own happiness. It doesn’t even have to be a drastic change, just so long as you’re healthy and happy. Don’t constantly weigh yourself, as this may make you panic unnecessarily. It can be difficult to lose weight, and sometimes toning up is even more beneficial. If you’re happy when you look in the mirror then the scales shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Doing regular exercise is key for keeping healthy, but this doesn’t mean just going to the gym or on regular runs. This can be something as simple as walking home from school or work, or even joining dance classes or going swimming. Don’t jump straight into hard, rigorous exercise as this could make problems worse – you could make yourself ill or pull a muscle.

Eating well is also necessary. You need to eat regularly, and try not to snack too much. Or, if you do feel hungry in between meals then don’t go straight for the chocolate or crisps – instead you could have a piece of fruit. Drinking a lot of water is also a great way to stay full, without adding on any extra calories. Most importantly, don’t skip breakfast. You may think that you’re doing well by consuming fewer calories, but without this meal you are more likely to snack throughout the day, and on more unhealthy food. A good breakfast gives you the energy you need for the rest of the day and should keep you full until lunch.

SLEEP! You may want to stay up late watching your favourite TV series on repeat, but you will wish you hadn’t in the morning. Having a good sleep will make you feel happier and give you all of the energy you need for the day ahead. So, try to get as much as you can.

Staying healthy shouldn’t be a chore, but it is important. Try to fit in some of the tips above into your busy daily schedule and see how you do – you may be pleasantly surprised!

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