Alan Barnes Relocates Back to Tyneside

18 December 2015

By Bronwen

After £330,000 was raised in his name following an assault in January, Alan Barnes has moved house four times in an attempt to find security and happiness.

The 68-year-old pensioner is severely disabled and was pushed to the ground by Richard Gatiss, who is now serving 4 years in prison. Gatiss pleaded guilty to assault with intent to rob in April and while on remand, he had to kept away from the other criminals, who all felt so strongly against him and his “despicable crime”, too.

Barnes had been too afraid to return to his home in Gateshead after the attack and had used some of the money donated to buy himself a home in Low Fell. However, for spiritual reasons, he decided to move to the Shetland Islands.

Months later, he came across his dream home back in Tyneside, where he feels he will be safe and content. Hopefully, Barnes has finished moving house and can finally settle down after his hectic year.

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