Album of the Day: Tapestry – Carole King

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21 April 2015

By Melanie

For the last couple of weeks we have been focusing on songs of the day, from Sam Smith to Queen to Beyonce, the list has been rather diverse, but it is time to switch it up again. This week we are focusing on albums. And the reason we are doing that is because, I, the person writing this, am just unable to pick single songs, I have to run with a complete album. So kicking the week off, rather late as I missed yesterday, is Carole King’s Tapestry.

Boasting countless top ten hits  and winning the Grammy for album of the year in 1972 along with awards for “It’s Too Late” and “You’ve Got a Friend”, King etched her name as one of the greatest song writers of the seventies with this exceptional chapter of musical prowess. Possibly the most famous song from her extensive discography comes in the way of Aretha Franklin’s ‘(You make me feel like) A Natural Woman” which she also covers herself on this multi-platinum selling album.

Anyone with an interest in songwriters should make themselves familiar with Ms King and this album, if they haven’t already, as this album here is a staple for all music collections.

‘(You make me feel like) A Natural Woman’


‘You’ve Got a Friend’


Note: Don’t be fooled by the cat on the cover of the album, this was just the style of the seventies, check out some of these album covers if you really want a giggle.

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