Album Review: NGHTMRE

NGHTMRE’s self-titled EP follows in the footsteps of other successful dance music artists (such as Skrillex and Diplo); it combines familiar sounds across multiple different genres in an unfamiliar new way.

The EP opens with ‘Prelude’, a solo piano piece which feels slightly unnecessary as it only really serves as an introduction to ‘Burn Out’. The start of ‘Burn Out’ sees the piano melody transfer onto various synthesisers before a quick tempo change into a heavy dubstep drop which sets the tone for the rest of the NGHTMRE. This heavy dramatic sound lasts up until ‘Hold Me Close’. This is a slower track, which sounds slightly like Flume with its bouncy happy chords. However, although ‘Touch’ sounds slightly similar to ‘Hold Me Close’, it has possibly the hardest drop of the whole EP.

The final song ‘Holdin’ on To Me’ is the only song with proper vocals, which are distorted so they sound robotic. This is the most ‘traditional’ song and it even feels melancholy; it brings the EP to a nice close. With this EP, NGHTMRE has solidified his place next to other successful, versatile producers.

You can listen to the full NGHTMRE EP for free here.