Raleigh Ritchie, actor, performer, znd guest star on popular Let’s Play channels, is also a fantastic singer and rapper it would seem.

His debut album, entitled You’re a Man Now Boy, is an 18-track ride into his life, and some rather deep emotions, actually. The vibe from each song is well defined, and you’d think with 18 tracks, it would start to thin out toward the end. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case. One of the songs has actually been played a few times on the airwaves, called ‘Bloodsport ’15’. It describes a relationship on the brink, saying that that’s the only way it would ever be worth doing.

A few favorites are ‘Stronger Than Ever’, ‘Never Say Die’, and ‘The Greatest’. Each song is unique and all the lyrics used are cleverly written and Raleigh’s execution is impeccable.

Check some of his songs out below, and the album is available on iTunes and Amazon for around £7.

The album is great. Definite 5/5 stars.

Who knew that Grey Worm could spit?