PwC has banned all-male shortlists for positions in the UK, in an attempt to increase the number of women roles in the firm. This move was prompted by the recent pay gap reports, which showed men earned, on average 43.8% more than women.

The company stated that recruitment was one of the areas it was looking toward in order to narrow the gender gap in the company. PwC plans to ban all-male interview panels also and examine how certain ‘career-defining’ roles were awarded.

Companies released their pay gap figures in April, with the likes of Barclays having similar gaps.

PwC’s chief people officer Laura Hinton stated that ‘everyone in the firm’ should be able to access important opportunities such as working on big projects or for well-known clients.

It was also reported that PwC was the first company to ban all-male shortlists, via The Daily Mail.

Hinton also stated that hiring at a senior level was difficult due to candidates being ‘disproportionately male’. Improving diversity at a graduate and school-leaver level would be easier, due to the firm having more control, she stated.

‘Little things like that can stack up against women’ she said.

‘The challenge is making sure that at every stage in the process we are saying yes to get the right person and not excluding. The objective is to keep pushing and to encourage others to do the same.’

Hopefully, other companies will follow by example.