All Work No Play

Gets you fired apparently.

‘Jean P’ was sacked from his position at Lidl in Barcelona for ‘working too hard’. He arrived at the store by 5 am every day, but according to bosses, this was in breach of Lidl’s rules banning unpaid overtime.

An employment court recently heard that Lidl admitted to never instructing Jean to not come in early.

Juan Guerra, a lawyer, stated that only the company benefited from any breach of rules, saying:

‘He is sanctioned for working too much – something that is unusual – and for making an effort to get the shop running properly.’

The lawyer claimed that his client only worked longer hours because he was under pressure to meet sales targets in a restructuring programme.

‘The heads of the supermarket knew this and were aware that these changes required time and dedication.’

There has been no conclusion yet, but the case goes on.

And they say crime doesn’t pay.

Wait. Wrong phrase.