American Horror Story Cop Out

30 January 2014

By Sophie

As the vastly popular TV show draws to a close this week, American Horror Story: Coven has gone from virtually unknown to the second most watched series on a Wednesday night. 2.2 million viewers can’t be wrong. But after Wednesday’s flop of an episode, I wouldn’t be surprised if ratings were down for the seemingly dramatic season finale.

The minute long explanation for the death of two main characters seemed forced and as if the writers had just forgotten about the main plot of the show. Being a huge fan of the show, I was extremely let down by the anti-climactic death of Fiona Goode, the only character holding everything together. It seems like the promising storyline succumbed to irrelevant subplots and continuity errors.

The only hope we have left is invested into the best actress on the show, Sarah Paulson. Although her role was underplayed at the start, she seems like the only glimmer of hope as her character has come into her own as of late. Coven still has nothing on the show’s prestigious first series and the heart breaking story of the Asylum though.

Let’s just hope that the finale delivers or else the future of the show’s ratings could be at risk. This show is all over the place.


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