So, we’ve had the normal person’s list of things to do when it’s summer.

But let’s be honest, can we really be bothered to actually go outside? I mean, socialising?



So if you happen to introvertly inclined, then here’s the list for you.

Staying away from pollen – if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a vendetta against all plants. Roses, dandelions, daffodils, those long green ones with the white puffy stuff on the ends, the thin ones? Hate ‘em. Stay indoors, and take your antihistamines and your nasal spray. You’ll need it.

Seriously I can't breathe help me.

Seriously, I can’t breathe; help me.

Reading – an activity as old as Neanderthals. We’ve been reading for thousands of years in one way or another. From comics, to novels, to trashy teen fiction, or sophisticated works on psychology, there are literally millions of titles. On kindle or audio book, pick something up and get lost in another world. If you’re a graphic novel fan and enjoy a dark story, I’d suggest Bedlam by IMAGE comics. A weird and dark look at a killer turned hero. Or just scroll through our site and see what grabs you.


Gaming – Oh yes! Summer sales on Steam and Origin; you cannot go wrong. We’d recommend Doom, and any of the Dark Souls games if you enjoy a challenge. Fallout 4 is worth it for the map size and exploration you can get out of it, plus if you’re using headphones, it’s so easy to become immersed in the world. I’m almost tempted to start it again on Survival mode….


Marathons – Summer was made for late nights. For having one or two buds over with a few beverages and some decent food, and cracking through all of the original Star Wars films, or the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s a chance to catch up with your friends and rip into some films while appreciating them. If you haven’t already, we’d suggest picking up a copy of Deadpool, or venture outside for a few hours to see Civil War. Totally worth it.


Netflix – This doesn’t count as marathons, shush.

Try something new! There’s a wide selection of shows and documentaries waiting to be watched. From Sons of Anarchy, to Jessica Jones and Daredevil. Plus a ton of films (some good some bad); just slap one on in the background and do some summer cleaning, or watch some trashy films with a significant other. No chilling though.


So that about covers it!

But just to note: if you want to go out and see the world this summer, let nothing hold you back. Check out our other list here, if you’re a little more of an extrovert.

Have a good summer everyone!