Angel of the North

3 February 2015

By Yasmine

Alan Barnes from Low Fell in Gateshead was brutally attacked outside his home on the 25th January and has been living with his sister ever since the attack because he is scared to return home. Barnes escaped with bruises and a broken collarbone after the attack. When Katie Cutler, a beautician, also from Gateshead, found out about the attempted mugging, she started up an online appeal to raise £500 on Go Fund Me to help the unfortunate Mr Barnes.

The 67 year old was born disabled and has suffered from sight and growth problems all of his life. When Katie started the online fundraiser, she never expected to raise over a quarter of a million pounds, which she since has with her online fundraising efforts. Cutler had never met Alan until they finally came face to face for the first time on Sunday morning.

The pensioner said that meeting Katie was “magic” and he also said he had made a friend for life. Many different companies have also come forward to offer Barnes things such as a fitted kitchen, bathroom, conservatory etc. Katie is thrilled to be able to say she could help a man in his hour of need.

Katie really is an angel of the North

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