What Annoyed the Internet Last Week?

8 May 2018

By Bronwen

This week’s ‘what annoyed the Internet’ is a little TMI but it has sparked up a debate about sexual expectations of men and women. It all started with this video of DJ Khaled:

Khaled explains that he doesn’t perform oral sex on his wife yet he expects it from her because he’s “the king” and the breadwinner. “It’s different rules for men” he claims as the interviewer points out the double standard.

“No wonder she’s always so angry in his Snapchat stories” one person commented.


People are more open about sex today than ever before, so naturally the Internet was completely baffled as to why Khaled would come out with such a statement. Of course, when a celebrity comes out with something as ludicrous as this, the only logical response is a thorough roasting on Twitter.

If DJ Khaled thinks that boasting about non reciprocated favours makes him look like a Don, someone should show him this tweet:


This many be one of the few times where the Internet has really wished that someone’s spouse has a side piece:


However there is something rather alarming about anyone who sets a standard for their partner that they themselves don’t adhere to.

This whole drama got ten times more entertaining when Smash Mouth decided to weigh in:

Smash Mouth’s most famous song/masterpiece is the song All Star, featured on the Shrek soundtrack. This prompted this Twitter user to make an odd yet interesting connection:

Things got even better when The Rock himself chipped in:

However the winning tweet this week comes from Patrick Monahan:

So there you have it: DJ Khaled is a raging misogynist who doesn’t give head unlike The Rock and Smash Mouth. Such useless but wholesome information.



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