2015 seems like an age ago.

Since its release way back when, Mad Max: Fury Road has won a number of awards, been nominated for many more, and is just about all I see on Tumblr some days. George Miller, the director of the recent film and the originals, has said there could be more films, but didn’t confirm it.

Well, Tom Hardy has weighed in, saying there will be a new film soon.

While talking about his new show Taboo, which will be shown on BBC1, he said:

“As far as I know I’ve signed to do three of them. It’s a question of when. I’m not sure if it’s called The Wasteland or not because you never know. These titles change all the time. But there’s definitely another Mad Max project pending.”

He went on to say that he knew Miller had written further stories for both Max and Furiosa, who was played by Charlize Theron.

Following the release of the critically acclaimed film, George Miller said he would need a break before shooting another film. He said on Top Gear at the time:

“We shot Fury Road for eight months – that’s a lot. Every day in the heat and the dust, doing these stunts, it’s very wearing. We’ve got two more planned, but at some point, in the future.”

It comes as no shock that we would all love to see another Mad Max film in the next few years, especially one of the same calibre as Fury Road.

Because that film was two and a half hours of kick ass if I’ve ever seen one.

It made $378 million worldwide, and was nominated for ten Oscars, which is more than any other Australian film ever.