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11 March 2015

By NEBeep

Apple have released all the information you need to know about their Apple watch. The watch will be available to pre order from April and will be on general sale in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and US from April 24.

The price for the watch varies, with the starting price in the UK at around about £299 for the basic 38mm watch and a further £40 for the larger watch which will be 42mm. The Apple watch edition will be between £479 to £949 and again a further £40 for the larger size.


apple watch


The watch has pretty much the same use as an iPhone but obviously a lot cooler than walking round with a phone. The apple watch has many capabilities which are:

Siri – Just like the iPhone’s the watch will have Siri so you can ask about any information you are unsure of, for example where a certain place is, or what movies are on at the cinema’s.

Apple Maps – the maps on the watch will be zoomable, it uses Wi-Fi and GPRS to take you to a specific location of your choice.


apple maps


Digital Touch – everyone will be clueless about digital touch as it is new to Apple and isn’t on any other Apple device. Digital touch allows you to draw a message and send it to a friend of your choice, you can also send a reading of your heart beat to your friend as their is a heart beat reader in the watch.

Pay for things – users will be able to pay for things by touching their apple watch at pay terminals.

Track users’ glucose levels – this would be ideal for anyone who suffers from diabetes, as a graph will be formed to show sugar levels and make it able for users to manage their sugar intake.

Make Calls – just like on action films when they make phone calls from their wrist you will be able to call your friend directly from your watch, the apple watch will include a microphone and speaker making this possible.

Battery – according to the makers of the Apple watch the battery will last 18 hours, whether that’s true or not is a different story as we all know how poor all apple products are when it comes to battery life.


There are only certain apps that are available on the Apple watch all depending on what companies have made their programmes to allow users to download their apps.  Apple CEO Tim Cook has claimed that the forthcoming Apple Watch will eventually be capable of replacing users’ car keys. Although he has gave no time frame for when we can expect such a feature, but we wouldn’t expect to see it any time soon.

Although we have basically everything the Apple watch has to offer on our iPhone’s already, there will be people crazy enough to spend hundreds of pounds on Apple’s latest creation.

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