Apple’s Top Five Products

14 September 2014

By Lauren E. White

This week saw the launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus as well as the first ever iWatch. So, in the wake of the iPhone 6 era, we have a countdown of Apple’s top five products:

5. iPhone 4s

Back in October 2011, the iPhone 4s was released and it appeared that everyone and their granny had bought one. With the feature of our beloved voice controlled Siri, the iPhone 4s became a legend in a (very) long line of Apple gizmos.



4. iPod Nano

While it may be an ancient four years old and almost positively extinct, the iPod Nano will always be one of Apple’s most loved products. A slim, thin music player that could fit in your pocket was effortless and was the light bulb moment of our generation – sparking a heated love affair with any other Apple product for years to come.


 3. The iPad

Jobs’ iPad – dubbed the ‘Jesus tablet’ by many – was a revolution in the world of technology and spawned hundreds of copy-cats in rival businesses. The iPad was an efficient way of having everything you would on a computer on just a screen that is far more portable than your laptop and the world was in awe.



2. Apple stores

Rolling in at number two is the Apple stores themselves. A whole shop dedicated to the gadgets that offer tutorials on how to use them as well as being equipped with staff who can fix your phone or tablet after they’ve looked inside of it with a torch and vacuumed your charging socket.



1. iTunes

Apple’s best product has to ultimately be iTunes. For years and years nobody could convince music label executives that people might actually buy songs online… then there was Steve Jobs. iTunes has (since its launch in 2001) taken the world by storm as well as influencing music sales from some of the biggest artists in history. It is well worthy of being crowned Apple’s best product.



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