Apps to… Film?

Right, so remember when games were made into films? With train wrecks like this?


Then this?




When will it end?

Fair enough, a game has substance, characters and plot to follow in a film, but an APP??! I can understand how something like Warcraft as a movie would work. There are a significant amount of myths and lore that could be used as a backdrop for a film.

This, however:

screen shot 2015-07-30 at 10.56.29 am


Would not make for a riveting screenplay. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer basing an idea on characters that actually TALK AND EMOTE. There is no plot other than the following: you have birds, you slingshot birds at structures with pigs, if pigs explode and building go crash, you win. If not, retry until it’s done as described.

If they manage to make it good, fair enough, I’ll print out this post and eat my words. But video game movies are notorious for failing miserably. Wanna know what the average score is for video game movies is on IMDb? It’s a solid five out of ten. The highest rated was Tron Legacy. Remember that? That film with the weird CGI face stuff that completely brought you out of the movie?Here’s a picture in case it doesn’t ring a bell.


You know who that’s meant to be? JEFF. BRIDGES.

Well. Here’s to another year of video game movies. Hey, maybe they’ll make a Temple Run movie. That’d be cool? Right?

If you’re interested, here’s the trailer: