Are AirPods Really Worth It?

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8 August 2019

By NEBeep

You might be thinking: how are a pair of headphones worth £159? Well, trust me, I thought the same. However, I soon realised these headphones – Apple‘s AirPods – are magical.

First of all, the box AirPods come in is compact and can fit anywhere, whether it’s in your bag, or even your pocket. Secondly, the AirPods themselves fit perfectly in your ear and you don’t have to worry about them falling out. Even when exercising, they stay in pretty well. There are many times when I have forgotten to take my AirPods out as they are so comfortable.

Just last year alone, 55 million units were sold. That tells you something.


If you are worried about the charge and battery life on your AirPods, 15 minutes in the case provides three hours of listening time. This is perfect if you have busy work commitments, or you’re in a hurry. From my own experience, AirPods’ charging time has been a life-saver.

Carrying on with this, AirPods are worth the money because they also allow you to move freely within 12 metres of the device. This is great if you’re watching a TV programme and don’t want to pause it, and also because there are no wires to hold you back. If this doesn’t prove they’re worth buying, I don’t know what will!

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Another great element of AirPods is that on your Apple device, you can set up widgets and add ‘batteries’. This shows you how much battery your AirPods have, which is helpful when out and about, making your life ten times easier. Furthermore, when you change device, the AirPods change seamlessly and with high speed. To make it even better, if you have a laptop of a different brand, your AirPods can also connect to that. All you do is press the button on the back.

So, if you invest in AirPods and they last for three years, that cost is roughly £4.25 per month. This is less money than a McDonald’s. Are you sold to AirPods yet? They are worth it!

By Erin F, a student at St Thomas More Catholic School, Blaydon

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