It may have gone unnoticed to you that part of life involves conflict. And with conflict usually comes arguing. While a lot of arguments often end up in tears, they don’t always have to and – surprisingly – there are ways to make your arguments efficient. So, without further ado, here are our dos and don’ts of arguing.

Do say what you think

The most frustrating thing about arguments is when people still aren’t honest about what they think. If you aren’t telling the truth when you’re arguing, then there is literally no point in doing it whatsoever.

Say what you think about the issue at hand and genuinely be honest about it all. That way, you won’t keep going in circles when you argue and the truth is out there.

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Don’t say things you can’t take back

In light of this, don’t say things in an argument that you can’t take back. Yes, be honest and tell the truth, but don’t say something way too brutal in the moment that you can’t un-say. It has the potential to ruin the relationship between you and whoever you’re arguing with forever.

With that in mind, name-calling is also ruled out in this one if you want to make your arguing efficient. It’s a barrier to proper communication.

Do listen to the other person

When arguing, it is still important that you listen to the other person. In fact, it’s vital to having an efficient argument as it makes you able to respond to the other person properly, having listened to what they’ve said.

So, make sure you’re prepared to stay silent for a little while and really focus on hearing what the other person is saying to you.

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Don’t leave the argument without a solution

One thing you should never, ever do in an argument is leave it without a solution. There is nothing more frustrating than going to bed not knowing where you stand or what things are going to be like tomorrow.

Do not be hot-headed and fail to solve the problem. Work together to create a solution and do not storm out.

Good luck. Argue responsibly.