To cut costs, the International Olympics Committee plans to decrease the size of athlete’s villages at the next Olympic games.

Paris will host the 2024 games after several countries withdrew their bids to host, due to budget concerns. The IOC has written to 28 countries asking for ideas on how savings could be quickly introduced before the Tokyo 2020 games.

Vice president of the IOC John Coates said, ‘We are putting a number of questions as to how we think we can find savings by reducing, to an acceptable level, the level of service in the Olympic village.’

The London ones look like something straight out of SimCity

The first budget for Tokyo 2020 was released last year in December and was below the cap of 2tn yen, which estimates at about £13.8bn. However, this was still six times more than the original estimate. Recommendations on how to save money will be presented to the IOC’s executive board meeting in December.

The IOC awarded Los Angeles the 2028 games along with Paris, which is the first time they have announced two hosts for the Olympics at the same time.