Bar Review: Revolution Durham

4 October 2019

By Lauren E. White


The leafy and historical city of Durham sits tucked away on the banks of the River Wear. Along the Wear you’ll find cafes and bars – Revolution being one of them, and one of the most popular.

Though Revolution is part of a wider chain of cocktail bars and restaurants, it doesn’t feel that way when you’re inside. The unique and boho decor inside is different. You don’t feel part of a big branded drinking house, like you do in a Wetherspoon, for example. No – Revolution Durham feels like its own little place, tucked away under the trees by the side of the river, looking out at the beautiful Durham Cathedral.


The drinks there, though, are second-to-none. Revolution is probably the best place for a cocktail in the sleepy city. With pornstar martinis, white Russians, mojitos and so many other cocktail choices, you can quite literally be there all night drinking them. Revolution do the classics and their own, and if you buy their member card for just £1, you will get most of the drinks on the menu at a two-for-one price. So, not only do they taste great, but the price is great too.

It’s well known that Durham is a predominantly student city during term-time, though you rarely come across them in Revolution – or ‘Revs’ as the students who do go call it. You might find a small group on a weekday enjoying some cocktails, but on a Saturday night at Happy Hour, the place is filled with locals having a dance.


Saturday nights at Revolution are quite different. The music is far too loud and you can’t sit and talk to your friends across the table. It’s more of a club, so if that’s not the scene you were going for, head there on a weekday afternoon, or a Sunday. The atmosphere at these times is so much nicer and chilled – it’s a lovely place to spend some time with a friend.

Revolution Durham is a fantastic place to drink – and in a great location too. We’d recommend a visit whenever you’re visiting!

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