Baroness Cooks Up Complaints

9 December 2014

By Yasmine

Complaints have flooded into parliament after a Conservative peer implied that poor people are going hungry because ‘they don’t know how to cook’. Baroness Anne Jenkin made the claim after she helped create a report on the rising number of families having to turn to food banks for help.

The number of emergency food providers has reached over 1,500 spread across the UK, including 800 food banks.

Jenkin said “We have lost a lot of our cooking skills, and poor people don’t know how to cook”. She later admitted making a mistake, stating she had not intended to make the point that Britons in general were worse at cooking than previous generations. She apologised but it’s not really an apology for saying poor people can’t cook, it’s basically saying every poor generation couldn’t cook either.

We would like to see Anne whip something up in the kitchen instead of her chef.

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