As if we needed any proof of that.

Continuing the trend of the DC Animated movies, Justice League Dark will follow the story of the regular band of heroes as they fight a deadly new foe surrounded in magic and mystery. This will join the trend of R-rated DC animated movies, after The Killing Joke last year, and the Dark Knight Returns cartoons in 2013 and 2014 before that.

The new members of the team consist of lesser-known heroes in DC, like Swamp Thing, Dead Man, Zatanna and of course, John Constantine.

Constantine will be voiced by Matt Ryan, who was set to play him in the series on HBO, which was unfortunately cancelled after just one season. It was announced, however, that Constantine would be getting his own animated series, which would be available on the digital channel CW Seed later in 2017.

A movie version of Justice League Dark has been in development for a while, with actors like Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell being rumoured to be Constantine.

Now, check out the clip of Batman being the coolest guy in the room.

The animated feature hits Digital HD on January 24th and with the Blu Ray/DVD release following on February 7th.