From 1992 to 95, he flashed across our TV screens, and for years afterwards, he appeared on Cartoon Network (when it didn’t suck). Batman: The Animated Series was a cut above all other hero cartoons at the time. With its compelling stories and awesome voice cast, it was one of my childhood favourites.

The pilot episode pits the caped crusader against Man-Bat, a science experiment gone wrong. From here we see the dark knight bruised, battered and broken in over 100 episodes of heroism, subtle moral messages and being the hero everyone deserves.

The signature voice cast is what gives the series its rapport with fans. Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman and Bruce Wayne, is the most recognisable voice in cartoons. In fact, when the game Arkham Aylum was released, fans were delighted to hear that he would be reprising his role as the vigilante. Mark Hamill (yeah, Luke Skywalker) voices the Joker, with ease and a laugh that was probably the most terrifying thing as a child. While it was a kids’ show, it touched on some rather poignant issues, such as the mania he represented.

It showed us that parents and family are what keep us grounded, as Bruce himself returns to his parents’ graves regularly. We learned that sometimes, evil is just a means to an end, as in the episode ‘Heart of Ice’, when Mr. Freeze seeks revenge on those who forced him to freeze his wife and live in the cold. We saw the Batman fight off fear itself in episode three season one.

It even showed us how a relationship can sour. Harley Quinn and the Joker’s relationship is often toyed with by creators and fans. Is it abusive? Is it real love corrupted? We learned that manipulation in relationships is a serious issue. And sometimes, it takes a Bat to make you realise.

This series is a relic that will never mellow with age. It’s stories remain relevant, even now, from an adult perspective. The stories tell of courage and overcoming great odds with a little thought and planning.

And for years this scene has played in my head whenever things gets low. Enjoy.