Dawn of Justice is the newest film to appear in the DC cinematic universe, introducing the upcoming Justice League films. While the hype for the film was amazing, the film itself… oh boy.

We begin with another rendition of the story of Batman’s origin. His parents being murdered and falling down that (literal) well, where he discovered his fear and his purpose. Being enveloped by a swarm of bats, he begins to rise up through the well. Now while it sounds iconic and tingly, it’s cringe worthy, as it lasts for about five minutes longer than it needs to.

We then see Bruce Wayne trying desperately to get to Wayne Tower in Metropolis during the events of Man of Steel, and thus begins his vendetta against the alien, due to the hundreds of people killed in the attacks.

Kryptonite is then found at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, recovered from the remaining crashed Kryptonian ship from Man of Steel, which Batman endeavours to steal, to use against Supes.

Up until the halfway mark, the plot is on the ropes. There are scenes which make little to no sense. One of the scenes (in the desert) which we see in the trailer is part of a dream sequence that Batfleck has of a dystopian future, in which Superman is literally a god, and has his own military force. He then wakes up to someone who we assume is the Flash warning him about protecting Lois Lane, as she is apparently the key to something.

It’s very jarring, and I distinctly remember turning to the person sat next to me with a face like this:


But here’s the thing:

Affleck as Batman is fantastic. He shows a darker side to the Bat. One moulded by years of violence and death.  Jason Todd is dead, and has been for several years. We even see his suit with the words:


Alluding to the idea that this is a Batman who is old. He kills. And he doesn’t care. Because of how much he has seen. Which is why he moves against Superman, as he just sees him as another threat.

Jesse as Lex is wonderful, adding a more psychotic feel to the character. Jeremy Irons plays a different kind of Alfred, one who is resigned to Bruce Wayne’s war on crime. Gal Gadot is the perfect Wonder Woman. Amy Adams is a very good Lois Lane, and Henry Cavil reprises his role as Superman. I just wish he had acted a bit more.


The end of the film turns into another CGI-fest during the fight with Doomsday (at least another city wasn’t levelled), and the film ends with Superman being stabbed, after having stabbed Doomsday with a kryptonite spear, and being weakened himself.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is okay. I do not think it’s as bad as critics say it is, while I do agree it could have been refined a little bit more. (Plus there were some really cool references to the Dark Knight Returns comic.)

It was okay.