Batman v Superman: ITS HAPPENING

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23 April 2015

By Alex Khalil

After a year or two of rumours and complaining about Ben Affleck donning the cape and cowl of the Dark Knight, Warner Bros. have finally released a two minute fourteen second trailer. And it’s gold.

Rumours have circled for a while in terms of the film’s content, but it is clear from the trailer that the showdown every Superman and Batman fan has wanted…is coming. The trailer begins with a few voice overs, news presenters and civilians whilst talking about Superman, as a symbol of controversy, we humans are still unsure what his motives are, whether he can be trusted (and even a cameo voice of Lex Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg).

The trailer goes on from these voices to that of (what is assumed to be) Alfred.

‘Thats how it starts…the fever…the rage…the feeling of powerlessness, that turns good men…cruel’. Then we see Affleck, staring at the Bat suit with malice, brooding over stuff we hope will be revealed when the film releases finally next year in March. Affleck, despite what people might say or think, looks the part, as an older, more experienced Bruce Wayne, and hopefully, the makings of a darker Knight.

The trailer ends with Supes in the air, rain pouring around him, Batman on the ground, looking up, and we get a snippet of what his voice might sound like.

‘Tell me, do you bleed?’ Supes smashes to the ground, then fades to black followed by an assured ‘You will,’.

Put it this way, it’s going to be awesome, no matter if it’s disappointing or all hype and no substance, we will all go and see it.

We will.

Until then though we have Age of Ultron which releases today to keep us satisfied until then.


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