BBC 3 Axed

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6 March 2014

By Bronwen

It’s time to say goodbye to BBC 3, as the BBC plan to cut spending and get rid of BBC 3. This doesn’t mean that we’ll never be able to watch our favourite shows like Don’t Tell the Bride again, however. The channel is relocating to the Internet, becoming an online channel.

The BBC media correspondent says that this would be more suitable for BBC 3’s target audience of 16- 34 year olds, but many people don’t agree. Comedian, Matt Lucas says that the move will be “really bad for new comedy” and another comedian, Jack Whitehall says: “I really hope that reports that the BBC may kill BBC3 are just rumours. Their support of new comedy in particular is vital.”

Many other comedy legends like Russell Kane and Peter Kay have piped in, rightfully so, as BBC 3 is the home for new comedy. Also, the BBC 3 Twitter account managed to trend #SaveBBC3. Hopefully, the protests will be successful.



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