Bieber arrested AGAIN

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4 September 2014

By Bronwen

It seems like JB can’t go anywhere without getting into some sort of trouble. The 20 year old has been involved in another scuffle with the paparazzi, only this time, it could have been deadly. We all know he isn’t a fan of people with cameras but crashing a quad bike into a pap’s minivan seems a little drastic.

He could find himself in jail following this latest antic, as he is on probation (following another recent assault conviction) and should really be on his best behaviour. The world will find discover his fate on the 29th of September; his court date.

His lawyer claims that the paparazzi were chasing Bieber, while a police report vaguely states that Justin and a member of the paparazzi were involved in a “physical altercation” which, remembering Bieber’s track record of drug use, violence and general bad driving, sounds quite likely.

We wonder if the newest mugshots of Justin Bieber will be even more obnoxious than last time…

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