Bieber’s Bad Attitude

25 March 2014

By Yasmine

Here, we see a video of the spoiled pop star Justin Bieber being deliberately difficult in his deposition- and this is only a small part of the four hour long case. A deposition is where a witness gives sworn evidence, and Justin refused to cooperate in his. In fact, he could be facing prosecution for his awkward and defensive responses.


He is currently being sued along with one of his bodyguards, who apparently assaulted a member of the paparazzi, Jeffrey Binion. The lawyer standing for Binion is Mark DiCowden, an old and experienced lawyer, and Justin definitely may have been one of the brattiest people he’s ever had to battle.

Justin messed this up for the court so badly, with his storming out and his blatant lies, that he needs to REAPPEAR on the 30th of June, for a second deposition! Any sensible person would have just answered honestly the first time.


The arrogance and bad attitude displayed towards the adults in the room is shocking, and even his most loyal Beliebers should be having a difficult time defending him. Throughout the whole deposition, he was uninterested, rude and at times totally offensive. It is clear that a lot of people were resisting the temptation to slap him in the face.



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