Over the years we have watched in shock at many controversial moments on Big Brother, whether the housemates are celebrities or the general public. This year has been no different. From housemates almost having a fist fight with one another, to others openly having sex on TV, what more could possibly happen? While it can be rather amusing at times, it does make us wonder ‚Äď is it all going a bit too far?

Not to sound too old fashioned, but there is a time and a place. Nudity and sex are very personal and intimate moments to most people, so why are they plastered all over the TV today? It seems that the physical aspect and personal aspect of sex have become separated, meaning that times have moved on and people don’t really seem to value the act as much anymore. But, is this really the case, or is this just how it’s depicted in the media and on TV?

Reality TV has certainly changed over the years, with it progressively¬†becoming more acceptable to mock anyone that appears on the shows, or downright embarrass them by showing them at their most vulnerable moments. Does everyone remember the moment Stephanie Davis was mocked for having discharge in her underwear, a problem that thousands of women face every single day? A completely normal problem that was mocked at her expense for entertainment purposes. Of course you remember it, because that’s what makes good TV.

Yet, for some reason we all deem it acceptable now. No matter how shocked or disgusted we are at what we see on our screens, we just can’t get away from it.

Though there have been some complaints to Ofcom regarding Monday’s episode, in which there was a number of scenes of nudity and others of a sexual nature, this tends to happen every year without any resolution.

So yes, Big Brother probably is going too far, but unfortunately it’s just a fact that nothing will change. Humiliation brings in viewers and in turn viewers bring in money, so just like the saying goes, money makes the world go round.