Big Money in Footy

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15 October 2014

By NEBeep

The Price of Football, a study by the BBC is in its fourth year and is the largest study of its kind in Britain, taking into consideration the costings of 176 clubs across 11 divisions in football and 31 clubs from 10 different leagues in Europea.

To watch the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United on a Saturday afternoon with the cheapest match day ticket available  would cost on average £21.49; ‘an increase of 13% since 2011 compared to a 6.8% rise in cost living. Year on year it is up 4.4% more than treble the 1.2% rate of  inflation.’

Key facts and figures:

-Arsenal have the most expensive match day ticket in the Premier League at an astonishing £97 and that price has been reduced by £29 pound since last season meaning a match day ticket last year was well over £100!


-Manchester City have the cheapest season ticket in the Premier League, their season ticket price stands at £299. That’s cheaper than at 15 Championship clubs, 10 clubs in League One, four In League two and even one in the Conference.


-Charlton’s season ticket costs £150 this is the cheapest in England’s top four divisions. However Barcelona one of the top teams in Spain if not the top team in Spain charge around £103 for their lowest-priced season ticket.

-In Scotland’s Premiership, the average price of a match day ticket and a day out at a match increased by just 61p to £26.95 from last season. This bargain deal includes a pie, cup of tea and a programme.


The premier league transfer spending hit a record this summer spending an incredible amount of £835m, up from £630m the previous year. The average price of the cheapest Premier League season ticket has increased by 8.7% since 2012, from £467.95 to £508.55.

While England overcharge eager fans for the opportunity to watch their favourite team clubs around the world sell very cheap match day tickets. The French side Lille offer a match day ticket for £5.87, but charge more than £100 for their most expensive. However one of Italy’s top teams  AC Milan are all about the money, charging approximately £163 for their cheapest ticket but almost £3,600 for their most expensive!

The Bundesliga, the German equivalent of the Premier League always puts fans first by keeping their ticket prices low. Clubs Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke all charge less than £13 for their cheapest match day tickets.

Overall, tickets for watching a game of football in the UK, whether it be the cheapest or the most expensive have risen considerably over the last year after dropping in 2013.

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