Bird on a Wire

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21 February 2014

By NEBeep

25-year-old, Chantelle Smith was ‘waddling’ along a beach in Cornwall when she suddenly came face to face with a mysterious looking bird. “At first I thought it was just a rabbit but when I turned on the torch of my phone to have a look I could see it was a penguin – an actual penguin” she exclaimed in a state of shock.  Just to make sure everyone believed her, she grabbed her phone and quickly snapped a picture of the lost penguin. Of course the bird ran off as soon as the flash went off but at least Chantelle gained a blurry picture in her mission to approach the black and white bird.


Even though she has some evidence of the penguin, she says, “everybody I have told thinks I am crazy but I am being honest. I am going to call it Pingu.” She and many others suspect that the penguin may have been washed up from the arctic storms that have recently hit the south of Britain.

Unfortunately some experts say it that the nâive girl may have made a mistake, as guillemots and razorbills are similar in appearance to a penguin when they walk. A local zoologist even agrees that Pingu is most likely a guillemot as apparently “it has happened before”.

However why should we lose faith? But if you see Pingu walking up your street, then be sure to report him, so he can find his way back home.



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