Bit Cheesy?


That’s the only cheese pun we’re going to make.

Someone pointed out recently that the Google cheeseburger emoji was all wrong. Google CEO, quite rightly, responded by tasking employees with one mission. Put the cheese in the right place.

The fact that this is even trending is telling of how much people care about this stuff. Seriously. If I’m going to use the burger emoji I expect it to come with the cheese on top. Not underneath like some kind of savage. What kind of world is this where we can’t have cheese in the right place on a b**ping emoji burger?

The discussion took off on Twitter, with that one tweet gaining 17,500 retweets, more than 36,000 likes and a few hundred comments.

CEO SUndar Pichai said he would ‘drop everything’ to address the issue.

And let it end there. We’ve too much on our plates without emoji discourse getting in the way too.

Oh no.