Blitz the Boredom

11 April 2014

By Yasmine

We are all taking our time reveling in the joys of the Easter holidays, but when the novelty wears off and boredom comes sweeping in, what then? We have come up with a few ideas to amuse yourself.


1. Call a friend and say you can’t talk right now. Not only do you leave your friend in complete disbelief, but you feel like one cool cat.

Amusement potential: 1-5 minutes


2. Sit in total darkness and try to draw a picture. After you feel satisfied with your picture, turn the light back on. Like b**p on Facebook and upload your finished master piece! (www.facebook.com/NEBeep)

Amusement potential: 25 minutes


3. Make your Mums day by cleaning your room, although it sounds boring, you will more than likely come across something to amuse you. WARNING: If you haven’t tidied your room before, your mum may have a heart attack.

Amusement potential: 1+ hours (if you have a messy room)


4. If you are a more confident person, you could stand at your front door and howl at passer-by’s but don’t overdo it because the police may be called…

Amusement potential: until someone complains


5. Try making a collage, whether it is with photos, different coloured paper or magazine cut outs it would be nice to hang on your wall when you’re finished.

Amusement potential: 1 hour


6. Dress up as your favourite superhero with clothes you already have. Let your imagination run free and see what you come up with. Don’t forget to take pictures.

Amusement potential: 45 minutes



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