Book Review: Divergent

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25 November 2014

By Rebecca

Divergent is the first book, in the series of three, published in 2011. It is extremely thought-provoking and a must read book.

It’s set in the far future, where society is divided into five factions based on personalities. The book follows the life of 16 year old Beatrice Prior, who was born into a faction of selflessness, although she doesn’t believe she fits in. She finds out something about herself that would be deadly if the wrong people found out. The book is based on the struggles she faces and the thrilling events of her life.

The dystopian world is the opposite of ours; people of different personalities tend not to mix. The characters are so relatable that you feel as if you could be them. The novel includes violence; although it creates excitement and has you eager to read more. Each chapter brings more interesting events.

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