Book Review: You Got This

1 September 2019

By NEBeep


You Got This by Bryony Gordon is all about being yourself and being true to yourself. The book, published in May this year, openly talks about and explores topics such as self-respect, body image, mental health and more.

Each chapter of You Got This has a different theme, but all of them have one thing in common: they are unique and inspirational. For example, one chapter is called: ‘You are changing. That’s cool. Go with it.’ Another is called, ‘You are a person with wants and needs. Don’t be ashamed of them!’; and ‘You are stronger thank you think.’


In the book, Gordon talks about teenagers coming of age. She says her book “contains everything I wish someone had told me”. You Got This is obviously aimed at teenage girls, though Gordon believes “women of all ages can benefit from the advice”. Moreover, the book has received praise from Fearne Cotton, author and presenter, who called You Got This “a book every teenage girl needs to read…and every grown woman will wish she had read”.

In my opinion, I found this book incredibly inspirational. I think that it will help even more people in the future than it already has, which is an amazing achievement. And the book isn’t just serious either – it is also quite funny and charming.

And in all honesty, there’s nothing about this book that I would change. I liked every bit.

By Emily E, Year 10, St Thomas More Catholic School

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