Booster shot provides increased resistance to Covid-19

26 October 2021

By Josh P

Across the United Kingdom, the Covid-19 vaccine rollout has gradually picked up steam. With recent evidence from the government suggesting that 49.5 million people in the UK have received at least one dose of the vaccine, it is clear that the vaccine rollout is improving. Recent evidence suggests a benefit to a third booster vaccine.

Up until now, for the majority of the primary vaccines used in the UK, two doses of the vaccine has been considered to be the standard and effective means of generating resistance to Covid-19.

Vaccines like Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer have all been widely used across the UK population for Covid-19. However, studies from Pfizer suggest that a third dosage of the vaccination could provide vastly increased protection from the virus.

The research from Pfizer utilised a combination of placebo and real doses of the vaccine across 10,000 participants in order to track how effective a third dose of the virus might be.

And initial results from the trial are extremely promising. The data collected suggests that once administered with a third dose, the effectiveness of the vaccine increases to 96.6%. This data is huge and clearly showcases how useful a third dose of the vaccine could be.

This data certainly helps support the recent rollout of booster vaccines in the UK. With these booster vaccines already being offered to both over 50’s and those who are deemed to be vulnerable as a result of Covid-19, we should hopefully see lower infection rates within these groups.

Additionally, with such a high resistance rate from a booster shot, in time we may see an even wider rollout to cover the rest of the population. While obviously, it is currently more important to ensure everyone in the UK has received the initial dosages of the vaccine, this will certainly be important in the future.

With the US government set to allow mixes of different vaccines due to their proven effectiveness, we should hopefully no longer see issues with supply and demand. This would make a mass scale rollout of booster jabs far easier for the government to handle.

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These are certainly positive signs in the continuing battle to reduce Covid-19 infection rates and hopefully, we continue to see research providing more answers to fully eradicate the virus.



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