Bravery at it’s Finest

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8 October 2014

By NEBeep

Numerous celebrities gathered in the rain on Sunday night to present unsung heroes their Pride of Britain awards in conjunction with the Daily Mirror. TV celebrities such as  Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole through to politicians such as David Cameron gathered to watch and support each of those individuals who had been nominated for the coveted accolade.

One of the youngsters that received an award last night has been through more traumatic experiences  possibly face in their entire life time.

Amanda Houlden and Alesha Dixon presented 15 year old Cissy Adamouhas with her Teenager of Courage award. The extraordinary teenager had been moments away from death and has survived a heart transplant, kidney transplants and tumours on her spine and brain!

Alesha said when giving the teenager her award “It is an absolute honour to meet you and you are a remarkable young lady.”

Cissy Adamouhas is just one of the brave, inspiring youngsters that received a Pride of Britain Reward last night. For more on the winners go to


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