Brexit extension agreed by EU

28 October 2019

By Lauren E. White

It has been announced today by the European Union that the UK has been granted a further Brexit extension – 31st January 2020.

EU Council President Donald Tusk said the extension is more of a “flextension”, meaning that the UK government can take us out of the EU before that deadline if they wish to do so.


The extension comes after it became apparent that Boris Johnson’s original deadline of 31st October – this Thursday – was unachievable. It followed a string of defeats for the government in the House of Commons. Mr Johnson was obliged by law to request a further extension as his deal was voted down by MPs.

Currently, the government is proposing an early general election on 12th December to attempt to win a majority for their Brexit deal. The SNP and Lib Dems are also pushing for an early election, though wish to hold one on 9th December instead.

The government has not ruled out getting behind the SNP-Lib Dem election date if the Commons fails to pass Boris Johnson’s proposal once again.

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