Brexit: The embodiment of everything wrong

9 September 2019

By Robert

‘Brexit’: the blatant jargon that has blazed our headlines not-so-graciously over the past three years.

Once a foreign concept, the term is now something we are all too familiar with. That’s not necessarily a good thing. Regardless of your stance on the issue, I think we can all agree it has gotten completely out of hand.

Our government is currently in a breakdown fuelled by the dictatorial rage of current PM Boris Johnson. Headline after headline, day after day, year after year, our news feeds are polluted by this issue which simply divides the nation and fuels prejudicial hatred in droves that has not been seen for years. At this point, I am sick and tired of it. If our own democratically-elected government can’t get to grips with this issue, what can they do?


I feel as if important issues are overshadowed and neglected by the unfortunate mess of a reality show that is Brexit.

The numbers of homeless people in the UK are ever-rising, with the figure currently standing at a staggering approximation of 320,000. As a country, aren’t we slipping behind other nations of our grandeur? Instead of focusing on technological advancements, funding research into important medical developments, our government is playing a game of cat and mouse with Europe in a fantasy dream chase for ‘independence’.

It’s a sad, sad reality that attention for the matters that really matter is being sucked away by the media in an effort to focus on Brexit. Don’t get me wrong, Brexit is an important issue and may very well shape the future of the United Kingdom for better or for worse, but it was an issue that should have been dealt with by the 29th March this year. But, no. As the drama painfully drags out, lives are being put in jeopardy and people are being ignored.

I’m no political expert, so no I could not solve our current issue single-handedly, but shouldn’t our politicians in a position of democratic power listen to us, to what we want?

No one really understands what will happen with Brexit, no matter what side of the fence you are on. But one thing that is guaranteed is that no one who voted on 23rd June 2016 voted for the current mess that we are enduring. Shouldn’t we get a say on what happens next? After all, it’s been over three years since a referendum that no-one really understood.


The current crumbling of our democracy which is blatantly being set out on a stage before us is alarming. Democracy is something we are lucky to have and is a great privilege. It is quite frankly disgusting that those at the reigns of the government wish to undermine that.

Brexit is something that quite honestly has shown the world how much of an embarrassment we are as a country. I’m bored of it. It is the embodiment of what is wrong with our society at the moment, overshadowing the real issues that truly matter to the core of our society for something that quite frankly doesn’t deserve all the attention. Brexit is real, it needs sorting and it needs sorting now, so we can bring light to the issues that really matter.

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