Vegan, plant-based or plant-powered: whatever you call it, going meat-product-free is becoming increasingly trendy – and a way of bringing in the money. In the latest fast food chain attempt for publicity and vegan-friendly status, Burger King has announced that they have a vegan Whopper burger potentially coming soon.

The vegan Whopper, named the Impossible Whopper, is currently being trialled across the pond in St Louis and it is claimed that Burger King fans can’t taste the difference. Unlike Burger King’s current vegetarian patties, this one is built to have the same taste as the meaty Whopper, as well as the same texture and look.

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Apparently the Impossible Whopper, designed by Impossible Foods, a Silicone Valley-based company, ‘bleeds’ like a regular beef burger. It uses genetically modified yeast to produce heme – a protein that resembles the flavour of meat.

Despite Burger King’s attempt to be vegan-friendly, the Impossible Whopper has fallen to criticism already. Animal rights activists have criticised the company for testing out the chemicals in the new burger on rats, and environment campaigners take issue with the genetically modified yeast used in the recipe.

We’re not sure exactly how well this one fairs up against Gregg’s beloved vegan sausage roll.