Once more unto the breach.

The 3-hour long breach.

In case you missed it, Batman V Superman was a bit of a flop in terms of reviews and satisfaction. And editing practices. The extended cut adds a few more much needed scenes, fleshing the story out, and giving you more of a scope as to what the heck’s going on.

We are given a bit more context as to why Clark Kent wants to investigate the Bat vigilante in Gotham, while he investigates the slums, talking to a number of people. One scene that really should have made the final cut was the scene where Bats brands a criminal on screen; Clark then talks to the crook’s wife after he is murdered in prison.

We get a feel for why Clark is so annoyed at Batman. It becomes parallel to why they clash so much in the comics – Batman doesn’t think he is above the law. He breaks the law. Clark doesn’t, or when he does, he apologises. This is the tension we didn’t get in the theatrical version.

In retrospect, most of the scenes that were added back in were indeed Clark’s.

In this version, Superman isn’t just a sad face throughout the film. It feels more 50/50 in terms of balancing the heroes’ roles out, whereas before, it was mostly Bruce Wayne’s storyline more than anything else.

I personally still think the actual fight between the Bat of Gotham and the Son of Krypton should have lasted a few more minutes, and still feels very short given the build-up to it.

Overall, a much better attempt at the film. Still stunted in some areas, however at least this version was watchable, and I actually found myself enjoying it for the most part.

I’ll bump it up to a 7/10.

Don’t disappoint me, Suicide Squad.