Well, I’m screwed.

An Instagram account has been cooking up a storm after re-branding some of our favourite junk food with the calorie content it contains.

Advertising students Alessia Mordini and Rodrigo Dominquez, aged 28 and 24, created the account Calorie Brands, as they saw the amount of people dieting for their summer body.

For those of you like me, who eat this stuff on the daily, you might want to brace yourself.

oh lord

Okay, we all expected that. McDonald’s fries are the sugariest, saltiest so called ‘potatoes’ you could ever put in your body. And that’s why we love them. Because they’re coated in sugar, then fried, then covered in salt.

oh lordylord

Pringles we can all understand, right? I mean, who eats an entire tube of Pringles at once? Come on, pffft…*nervous sweating*.


Bear in mind, you’re only meant to have a spreading of this on toast. Not funnel it into your mouth with two spoons like the sun on the Raisin Bran advert.



Wow. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more calories here. Burger King is probably the least awful of the plethora of fast food restaurants available in the UK. Most places prepare your burger to order, and don’t use nearly as much salt or sugar. Just don’t try to eat two Whoppers in one sitting. Seriously. Don’t.


This is no surprise. The Colonel’s original recipe chicken might be Finger Lickin’ Good but it’s also Diabetes Inducing Junk.

And finally the most harrowing one (for me at least).




With the summer months rolling on, just remember: watch what you eat, exercise, and who cares if you can’t fit into a size 6. You do you.

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